The only luxuriuous - plush - gorgeous hair towel you will ever want to own! Patent Pending

Place - Snug - Flip - Press _ Love your hair!

No need to bend over and wrap a heavy bath towel or flimsy turban around your head.  Simply place your Cougar Crown on your head, snug, flip, press, and finish your shower!  One size is Purrfect for long & short, curly & straight, weaves & extensions, and thick, thin, or peachy fuzz hair. 

No twisting - No damage - No neck strain - No dripping water or hair products - No wasted time

Less blow drying - Less style time - Less frizz - Stays in place - Super absorbent - Lightweight - Ultrasoft 

Empower yourself  -  and let your Cougar Crown do the work!

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